Winsley Wolf is a 2018-introduced and toy-only character. Her companion is a wolf named Trooper.




She wears an outfit and shoes with bright colors, whimsical print, and furry touches. Animal-inspired ears poke from her rooted hair to finish the look.


  • Release: ???, 2018 
  • Assortment number: ???
  • Model number: 

Doll: Winsley Wolf has grey skin with blue eyes and pink lips. She has face paint with a black nose and whiskers. She has blue hair, a wolf tail, and wolf ears with a yellow flower in it.
Clothes: Winsley Wolf wears a purple bodice with a blue Peter Pan collar and a lime green bow. She has a blue skirt with a moon and tree pattern. Purple wolf toe shoes complete the look.
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Extras: She comes with a Trooper figurine.
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