Tanzie Tiger is a 2018-introduced and toy-only character. Her companion is a tiger named Tuft.



Tanzie is fast and playful, but occasionally loves a good cat nap.


Tanzie Tiger has peach-colored skin with black stripes with a black nose, whiskers, green eyes, and light orange lips. She has orange hair with black stripes. She has tiger ears with pink flowers in each ear. She has a tiger tail. Tanzie wears a pink bodice with a white gradient line down the middle of the bodice and black stripes down the sides and an aqua-colored bolero. Her skirt is orange with black stripes and a black band around the skirt and black fur trimming the edge of the skirt. Aqua-colored shoes that match her bolero completes the look.


  • October 2017: Tanzie's doll is first revealed on a website called Dingsda 
  • June 2018: Tanzie Tiger's debut doll is released.