Saffi Swan is a 2018-introduced and toy-only character. Her companion is a swan named Poise.



Saffi has a sweet, calm personality and a knack for making others feel welcome and at peace. Saffi and Poise love to choreograph synchronized swimming routines, gracefully preforming identical poses.


Saffi has white skin with pink eyebrows, blue eyes, and pink lips. Her nose is painted orange and she has light blue feather face paint on her forehead and around her eyes. She has pink hair that reaches down to her hips. The doll does not have animal-type ears or tails. Her bodice has a blue lace design at the top of the bodice. The pink part of the bodice has a two swans forming a heart on it. Her lavender cape has a feather pattern on it and has a jagged edge. The band of her skirt is blue while the rest of the skirt is pink with a pattern of white feathers and yellow, blue, green, pink, red, and lavender flowers on it. She has blue swan-inspired shoes with winding feathers up her calf and she has a feather headband with a blue flower on the left side of the headband.


  • August 02, 2017: Mattel requests the Trademark for Saffi Swan. 
  • June 2018: Saffi Swan's debut doll is released.