Petya Pig is a 2017-introduced and toy-only character. Her companions are two pigs name Streusel and Nisha.



Petya loves to bake, and her friends always know something hot and fresh is coming from her oven.


Petya Pig has light pink skin with pink eyebrows, blue eyes, a pink nose, and pink lips. She has pink hair that parts above her left eye around her pig ears and down to her hips. She has a pig tail. Petya wears a lavender dress with a yellow apron with pink polka dots on the apron and tied with a pink band around her waist. Her dress has a pattern of whisks, pin rollers, spatulas, spoons, and cookies. Petya wears a white chef's hat on her head and wears pink shoes with pig faces on the noses.


  • April 04, 2017: Mattel requests the trademark for Petya Pig.
  • September 04, 2017: Petya Pig's listing goes up on a few European websites, such as and, giving a first glimpse at her appearance.
  • December 04 2017: Petya Pig was spotted at Target according to an instagram post by Toyobsessedpotato.