Patter Peacock is a 2017-introduced and all-around character. Her companion is a peacock named Flap.


In German, Patter Peacock is voiced by Alice Bauer. Her English voice actress is Sabrina Pitre.



She's chatty, confident and loves to encourage others, but when she gets nervous, she bursts into a squawking, horrible, tuneless song!


Patter has pale grey skin with a teal nose and blue eyes. She has light blue and purple eye makeup, along with three curled lines beneath each one. Her purple hair is pulled up with a purple and gold tiara on a blue band. On her back are several peacock feathers.

Patter wears a peacock inspired top with purple feather sleeves and a dark blue skirt with peacock feathers and flowers covering it. A dark purple belt is included, along with blue and gold shoes.



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