Merit Monkey is a 2017-introduced and toy-only character. Her companion is Compass.



Merit is known to be of a perfectionist. She makes sure that the other Enchantimals are well fed with fresh fruit.

Appearance Edit


Doll stockphotography - Fruit Cart II

Doll: The main colors of the doll are almond skin and nose, medium brown hair, and teal eyes; supported by light brown eyebrows and salmon lips. Merit has a widow's peak and the rest of the hair hangs loose around her monkey ears down to her hips. As is to be expected of a monkey, the doll has a long, medium brown tail. It is a plastic tail.
Clothes: The molded-on bodice evokes a yellow, sleeveless shirt with turtleneck underneath a denim halter top. The top shows yellow stitching and prints of red roses, palm leaves, and bananas — one closed and another peeled open. There's also a necklace of purple flowers against pink petals just below the neck. The skirt's background color is deep blue with a red band. The print against it all consists of red roses, palm leaves, and bananas; the same as the bodice's. The skirt has a simple-cut trim.
Accessories: Merit wears calf-high boots, which are yellow, have monkey faces on the noses, and feature straps with banana-shaped clasps. A hot pink flower is molded onto her left ear.
Extras: She comes with a Compass figurine.
Notes: This doll is only available as part of larger sets. Her default availability lies with the Fruit Cart playset. It without any changes between editions was available too in the ToysRUs-exclusive Friendship Collection that contains her, Bree Bunny, Patter Peacock, Felicity Fox, Lorna Lamb, and Sage Skunk.


  • Mid June, 2017: Merit Monkey's debut doll is released.