Merit Monkey is a 2017-introduced and all-around character. Her companion is a monkey named Compass.

Portrayers Edit

Her English voice actress is Salli Saffiotti.



Merit is known to be of a perfectionist. She makes sure that the other Enchantimals are well fed with fresh fruit.

Appearance Edit

Merit has almond skin and nose, medium brown hair, and teal eyes; supported by light brown eyebrows and salmon lips. Merit has a widow's peak and the rest of the hair hangs loose around her monkey ears down to her hips. As is to be expected of a monkey, she has a long, medium brown tail. She wears a yellow, sleeveless shirt with a turtleneck underneath a denim halter top. The top shows yellow stitching and prints of red roses, palm leaves, and banana -- one closed and another peeled open. There's also a necklace of purple flowers against pink petals just below the neck. The skirt's background color is deep blue with a red band. The print against it all consists of red roses, palm leaves, and bananas; the same as the bodice's. The skirt has a simple-cut trim. Merit wears calf-high socks and boots, which are yellow, have monkey faces on the noses, and feature straps with banana-shaped clasps. A hot pink flower is on her left ear.


  • Mid June, 2017: Merit Monkey's debut doll is released.
  • ‎Friday, ‎July ‎27, ‎2018: Merit Monkey makes her animated debut in Enchantimals Tales From Everwilde: Danessa Dearest.