Profile art - Karina Dab sitting

Karina Koala is a 2017-introduced and doll-only character. Her companion is Dab.





Doll stockphotography - Karina I Doll stockphotography - Karina II Profile art - Karina Dab sitting
  • Release: Mid June, 2017
  • Assortment number: DVH87
  • Model number: FCG64

Doll: The cherry pink hair is hip length and worn in two tails behind the koala ears. Her bangs reach down to her eyebrows. She has soft grey skin, a black nose, lilac eyebrows, green eyes, and salmon lips. She does not have a tail.
Clothes: She wears a molded-on yellow bodice with a print of flowers surrounding an eucalyptus stick on the front. The print is framed by light green suspenders. Her skirt is removable and sports a print of red, pink, yellow, purple, and blue flowers, possibly hibiscuses, and eucalyptus leaves in various shades of green. It is trimmed with soft pink fur.
Accessories: Karina's footwear are calf-high lilac boots with a fur pattern and koala faces on the noses. A yellow flower is molded onto her left ear.
Extras: She comes with a Dab figurine.
Notes: There is nothing of note about this doll's availability or stockphoto.


  • Mid June, 2017: Karina Koala's debut doll is released.

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