Hixby Hedgehog is a 2017-introduced and toy-only character. His companion is Pointer.




Hixby Hedgehog wears a cool outfit: a checked shirt is paired with trendy jeans, a jacket has leather-inspired sleeves and furry trim and black boots have lace details. He wears an orange pair of eyeglasses and has hedgehog facial features – hedgehog ears even poke from his spiky molded hair.


  • April 04, 2017: Mattel requests the trademark for Hixby Hedgehog.
  • September 16, 2017: Photos of a male Enchantimal head go up on Taobao. It's reasoned to belong to Hixby Hedgehog.
  • Early October, 2017: Hixby Hedgehog's debut doll is released, confirming the head design to be his.
  • November 14 2017: Hixby Hedgehog becomes available on Toys R Us.