Fluffy Bunny is a 2017-introduced and doll-only character. Her companion is Mop.



Fluffy is always happiest when she is working in her garden. Her friends say that both of her thumbs are green and she can make anything grow. Fluffy loves surprising her friends with baskets of fresh vegetables and beautiful bouquets of flowers.

Appearance Edit

Fluffy Bunny is a yellow-skinned girl with blue eyes. She has a yellow bunny tail coming out from her back and has pink lips. She has aqua-colored hair pulled in a side ponytail with a garden hat. She wears a blue blouse with a pattern and a fur wrap around it and has a cream skirt with a flower and carrot print on it and dark pink shoes. Bunny ears that poke out of her head completes the look.


  • April 18, 2017: Fluffy Bunny's listing goes up on Amazon, providing the first look at the character.
  • Mid June, 2017: Fluffy Bunny's debut doll is released.

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