Among the promotional material Mattel produces to bring attention to the Enchantimals dolls, the most prominent product is the animated Enchantimals cartoon series. Released as a mix of webisodes of a little over a minute long and one TV special of an hour, the cartoon is the primary medium through which the characters are brought to the audience's attention. The production is in the hands of Kickstart Productions, while Aaron Symonds provided the music. Webisodes are uploaded to the Enchantimals YouTube channel and the video portion of the Enchantimals website.


Enchanted Everwilde - worldview

On July 20, 2017, Mattel uploaded six "Meet [X]" webisodes; one for Everwilde, the other five for the main cast. A 60-min TV special to start the story is set to air soon.

  1. Meet the Enchantimals: Enchanted Everwilde
  2. Meet Felicity and Flick: Eventful Adventure
  3. Meet Bree and Twist: Sandwich Smackdown
  4. Meet Patter and Flap: Birds of a Feather Flock Together
  5. Meet Sage and Caper: Skunksters!
  6. Meet Danessa and Sprint: Running Late