The doll profiles are the miniature profiles included with the Enchantimals dolls. Doll profiles are written from a third person perspective and provide basic information about the characters by means of a general introduction and three categories. Only the introduction part can be found on the dolls' packaging; the categories and their contents are exclusive to the Enchantimals website.


Bree BunnyEdit

Bree is the craftiest of all the Enchantimals. Not in the devious or sly sense of the word, but in the DIY sense. She always seems to be up to her ears in some project that threatens to consume her every waking moment.


  • Creative
  • Full of energy
  • Tinkerer

Animal Powers

  • Excellent jumping ability
  • Superior hearing

Favorite Activities

  • Bree and Twist are like twin tornadoes of creativity when it comes to do-it-yourself projects. The bigger and more complicated the project the better.

Bren BearEdit

Bren is a powerful listener—you can tell her anything, and she'll always stop what she's doing to lend a sympathetic ear, and no matter what you tell her, you can guarantee that she'll keep it to herself—because when it comes to keeping secrets: Bren is the best.

Danessa DeerEdit

Danessa is the shy and quiet type whose actions speak louder than her words. A true nurturer at heart, Danessa always seems to be in the right place at the right time with just the right amount of support and encouragement for a friend in need.


  • Nurturer
  • Strong
  • Sensitive

Animal Powers

  • Fast runner
  • Excellent vision

Favorite Activities

  • Danessa and Sprint's favorite game is to race each other through the forest to see who is the fastest. Someone usually wins by an antler.

Fanci FlamingoEdit

Fanci is single minded and self assured: she keeps her eyes on the prize and doesn't stop until she's got it. Although she can be a little skeptical, she is nothing short of hilarious—naturally quick witted—she can't help but make you giggle.

Felicity FoxEdit

Felicity is quick, clever and completely curious about anything and everything. She's rarely still and is always ready for any adventure that will take her to a place she's never seen.


  • Fearless leader
  • Doesn't panic
  • Explorer

Animal Powers

  • Heightened senses
  • Moves silently

Favorite Activities

  • Felicity and Flick love to go exploring together, especially to places they have never been to before.

Fluffy BunnyEdit

Fluffy is always happiest when she is working in her garden. Her friends say that both of her thumbs are green and she can make anything grow. Fluffy loves surprising her friends with baskets of fresh vegetables and beautiful bouquets of flowers.

Karina KoalaEdit

Profile art - Karina Dab sitting

Karina is super affectionate and is always looking for an excuse to have a group hug. She forgets her own strength sometimes, though, and in her excitement the hugs can get a little tight.

Lorna LambEdit


Lorna is a natural athlete and loves getting involved in anything physical. She also loves to play games, although she can get a little bit over-competitive and enthusiastic.

Merit MonkeyEdit

Merit Monkey

Merit loves to look after her Enchantimal pals—especially when it comes to keeping them fed with yummy fresh fruit. Sometimes Merit worries that everything isn't perfect but to her Enchantimal friends it always is.

Ohana OwlEdit

Ohana is a brilliant storyteller and the rest of the girls love to huddle around and listen to her tales. Although she likes to nap in the day she never wants to miss anything, day or night, and is always dropping in, usually off a high branch, to see what's going on.

Patter PeacockEdit

Patter is proud of her fashionable feathers, and she loves to encourage her friends to be proud too. She also likes to chat, but when she gets nervous she bursts into song.


  • Chatty
  • Confident
  • Loves to encourage others

Animal Powers

  • Ability to fly in short bursts

Favorite Activities

  • Patter may not have the best singing voice, but when she teams up with Flap their songs are always belted out in perfect harmony.

Peeki ParrotEdit

Peeki has a personality as bright and colorful as she is. Peeki and Sheeny love to fly through stores looking for fabulous fashions as brightly colored as they are.

Prue PandaEdit

Prue knows more about the secrets of the enchanted forest than anyone else, but she also has a tendency to speak in riddles making it difficult to understand what information she's actually giving you.

Sage SkunkEdit

Sage has a mind as quick as her feet. She's an ace problem solver, and, no matter how complicated the situation, Sage can find a solution for it. She's also more than a bit of a prankster at heart.


  • Optimistic
  • Funny
  • Prankster

Animal Powers

  • Nose for danger
  • Never panics

Favorite Activities

  • When Sage and Caper aren't working on a new song together, they're usually planning a clever prank.

Taylee TurtleEdit

Taylee doesn't move nearly as fast as she speaks, especially when she gets excited. She's always happy to lend a hand—just give her a task and she'll get it done. Just make sure the task you're giving her doesn't need to get done right away.

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