The doll profiles are the miniature profiles included with the Enchantimals dolls. Doll profiles are written from a third person perspective and provide basic information about the characters by means of a general introduction and three categories. Only the introduction part can be found on the dolls' packaging; the categories and their contents are exclusive to the Enchantimals website.

At the moment, Baxi Butterfly, Beetrice Bee, Blyss Bunny, Cailey Cow, Cay Caterpillar, Dara Dragonfly, the Duck enchantimal, Hedda Hippo, Ladelia Ladybug, Liora Lion, Lluella Llama, Mayla Mouse, Saxon Snail, and Tadley Tiger do not have profiles.


Year Amount Characters
2017 29 Bree Bunny, Bren Bear, Cameo Crab, Cherish Cheetah, Clarita Clownfish, Danessa Deer, Dolce Dolphin, Ekaterina Elephant, Fanci Flamingo, Felicity Fox, Fluffy Bunny, Gillian Giraffe, Hixby Hedgehog, Jessa Jellyfish, Karina Koala, Lorna Lamb, Merit Monkey, Ohana Owl, Patter Peacock, Peeki Parrot, Petya Pig, Preena Penguin, Prue Panda, Sage Skunk, Sancha Squirrel, Sandella Seahorse, Starling Starfish, Taylee Turtle, Zelena Zebra
2018 4 Raelin Raccoon, Saffi Swan, Tanzie Tiger, Winsley Wolf